Recommended and supported by the Royal Horticultural Society, Rootgrow is a natural, organic method of supporting plant growth and enhancing plant root systems.

Rootgrow is made up of a mixture of mycorrhizal fungi, which are grown at production facilities in Kent. The fungi is of UK origin and forms a symbiotic relationship with plants, which allow them to retain water better and aid in extracting nutrients from the surrounding soil.

Rootgrow provides a number of benefits for plant varieties, including:

  • Resistance to drought
  • Enhanced plant root systems
  • Reduced stress caused by plant transplanting
  • Assisted water retention
  • Only requires one application
  • Needs less fertiliser

Hedgingplants.com supply a range of Rootgrow which perfectly compliments the hedging plants we offer, and helps to give the plants we deliver reduced stress when they are replanted. Not only this, it also aids in plant growth. Our plants are grown and transported with the highest care, but using Rootgrow helps make the transition from our nursery to your garden less stressful for the plant, aids continued growth and reduces failure rates.

It takes very little time for Rootgrow to take effect, and it will support your plants for the rest of their lives. Whether you are looking for extra assistance in rehoming your new plants, or are looking to support your existing hedging plants, Rootgrow is a fantastic choice.

As well as Rootgrow we also provide a number of other accessories to compliment plant growth and give extra support to plants.

See our range of Rootgrow below.