Secure Payments

Your card information you enter at checkout is converted to a reference number and held by Verifone.

Once the reference number is obtained we delete your card details, just retaining the last 4 digits.

Credit and Debit card information

We do not store your full card information on our server. When you enter your card details this information is sent to Verifone card services through a secure gateway and is returned to us as a reference number which is stored on our server together with the last 4 digits of the card number in case of query. This reference number is unique to Hedging Plants LTD and cannot be used by any third parties to take money from your account. We do not take payment until preparation of your order begins, at this time we exchange the reference number for payment via a secure electronic gateway provided by Verifone card services and the reference number is destroyed. This system is fully PCI DSS compliant and we are monitored and audited to ensure the continued integrity of our system. You can find out more on the PCI website here