Searching for Coastal Planting

Coastal planting

If you are looking for hedging plants for coastal areas it is important to choose plants which are suited for the environment. Unfortunately not all varieties of hedging can handle these salt laden, heavy wind prone areas.

We have a wide selection of hedging plants below which are well suited to these environments and will not be impacted by the less hospitable conditions. Not only is the wind and salt rich air a potential threat for certain plants, but the chilly temperatures can also be a challenge for even the hardiest of plants.

In coastal areas, hedging plants are often very popular as a windbreak or shelter for smaller plants. You may be surprised at just how much protection hedging can provide in coastal areas, allowing you more flexibility and freedom for planning the rest of your garden. It also helps to create a sound barrier, helping to muffle outside noises, giving you a little bit of extra peace and quiet for your garden.

All of our hedging plants are grown in our nursery in Kent and are ready to be shipped to locations throughout the country. Instead of worrying about which plants are well suited for certain environments, purchases can be made in confidence, safe in the knowledge that our coastal suited plants are the best option for these terrains.

At we stock a wide variet of plants for coastal planting including: Bay (Laurus), Privet (Ligustrum), Viburnum (Lauristinus), Leylandii (Cupressocyparis) and much more.

See our range of coastal planting hedging plants below, and see individual plants for more specific information and planting advice.