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All Hedging Plant Accessories

At we stock a range of accessories to help make your garden and landscaping projects easier and more efficient. From bamboo canes to windbreak netting and hose piping, our selection of accessories are specifically chosen by our team of experts to solve a wide variety of common gardening problems.

If your hedging plants need a bit of extra support or protection, our accessories can offer the perfect solution and can easily be added onto larger orders. With hedging plants in particular, directed, supported growth is incredibly important to getting a structured hedge border.  Our supportive accessories like buckle tree ties and tree supports enable you to make sure that the end results are exactly how you want them.

We work hard in our nursery in Kent to make sure that all of our plants are grown with individual care and attention. When our plants get delivered into the hands of people all over the country, we aim to make sure that they can deliver the same level of professional care to their garden and speed their plants resettling and future growth. We use our accessories in our nursery as well, so our tried and tested products are now available for you to ensure that you get the best environment for your plants at home.

We have a price branded scale discount on orders over £50 (Ex VAT), so if you are thinking of purchasing a range of plants for your garden, why not add a few accessories to help make your gardening process easier for you and the plant.

If you want to ask any questions about our hedging accessories or need any assistance, please give us a call on 01580 767247.