Windbreak netting

Strong winds can often cause damage to new and undeveloped plants, especially in elevated locations or coastal gardens. In order to help protect your plants, windbreak netting can be an especially useful solution.

Adaptable and high quality, windbreak netting can be used in a variety of different applications all over the garden. These can include:

  • Protection for birds - If you find that your garden is frequently visited by birds who trample young plants or eat fruits and berries, covering your plants with windbreak netting can help keep your plants safe.

  • Wind - The main reason for using windbreak netting is to help protect your plants from strong winds, which may cause great damage to your plants. If you have purchased a new hedging plants from us and are worried that strong winds may upset its transplant process, giving some protection will help you get some extra peace of mind.

  • Extra shade - If you are worried about direct sunlight bleaching your plants or drying them out, windbreak netting can double up as a sunlight blocker, adding an extra benefit to sheltering your plants from other weather conditions.

At Hedgingplants.com we provide windbreak netting in a variety of different sizes, so that whether you need it for a small number of plants or are looking for a much larger amount, to protect your whole garden, you can find both here.

 We ship our plants to locations all over the country from our nursery in Kent and, whilst we ensure that each of our plants is given the best level of care possible, for windy or coastal areas, using windbreak netting is often a very efficient method of supporting your new plants during their relocation.

See our range of windbreak netting below or see our other accessories here.