If you are looking for extra control of your garden or to prevent the growth of weeds then landscape fabric is a good, reliable method of achieving results.

Landscape fabric is a strong, woven, opaque fabric made from black UV stabilised polypropylene, suitable as a weed suppressant but also permeable to water. Landscape fabric is especially useful in a huge range of applications, as is good at helping new or recently transferred plants thrive in new environments.

At Hedgingplants.com we supply a huge range of plants to locations all over the country. We supply landscape fabric alongside this, as a way of getting everything you need to take control of your garden and to stop weeds from growing - no matter the size and ambitions of your project.

Landscape fabric is durable and easy to install, requiring just the fabric and landscape fabric staples to set it up in your garden. We sell our landscape fabric in a variety of different sizes including: 1mx10m, 1mx100m, 2mx10m and 2mx100m.

See our landscape fabric below, or purchase our accompanying fabric staples. You can also browse our other accessories here. If you require any further information about landscape fabric, contact a member of our team on 01580 767247.