Bamboo canes are a extremely popular choice for providing additional support and guidance in your garden. Bamboos are a remarkably resilient tool which offer a number of varied uses in the garden.

Popular uses for bamboo in gardens include:

       - Supporting single flowers or young plants.

       - Creating a structure to support vertical growth, such as vines.

       - Building a trellis.

       - Garden sculptures, such as fences, borders or arches.

There is a reason why bamboo is often found in gardens throughout the world, and now you can order bamboo of various qualities and size, delivered straight to your door. This is in combination with the many other hedging plants and accessories that we offer, meaning that whatever your garden ambitions, you can find it all here. We sell bamboo canes in the following size: 3ft/ 90cm,  4ft/ 120cm and 5ft/150cm.

Bamboo is a versatile tool which can be shaped and sized to fit a whole manner of different outdoor uses. It always pays to have a supply handy for gardens of any size, whether you want to create a new garden fixture or help support new plants or flowers.

See our range of bamboo canes below, or see our other accessories.