Yew Topiary

Yew Topiary Hedging Plants

When it comes to classic British hedge plants, there are few as fitting or as distinctive as the Yew (Taxus baccata). Whether you looking for an attractive centerpiece for a garden, a plant for some natural borders or to create eye-catching topiary, Yew is a fantastic choice.

Yew is an extremely malleable hedge type, owing to its hardy nature and dense structure. This makes it an especially good choice when it comes to creating beautiful topiary. Yew can grow quickly when planted in the right conditions, and can reach up to around 30 cms of growth each year.

In our nursery in Kent we grow a variety of Yew, which is perfect for topiary projects of any nature. Our team of green fingered experts grow each of our plants with the utmost care, so you can always expect the best quality hedge plants when your shipment arrives. Topiary hedge plants are often more expensive due to the level of maturity and care required to get them to you, ensuring that they arrive ready to clip into whatever shape you desire.

We work hard to make sure that all of our topiary plants are a uniform size. This means that whether you desire a single centerpiece or a decoration involving a larger quantity of Yew, you will be able to get relatively similar sized plants.

Yew hedges are recommended to be planted between September to October or March to April. If you don’t see them below, then unfortunately they are most likely out of season at this time. If this is the case, please check back again soon.

Speak to our team of experts if you have any further questions about our topiary hedges, or need any further information.