Rootgrow And Bonemeal

Rootgrow And Bonemeal

Improve your plant's growth and quality of your soil with our rootgrow and bonemeal products. With just a small amount you can really bring your garden to life and get some tremendous results.

At we provide a wide range of hedges delivered to properties all over the UK. Rootgrow and bone meal are the perfect accompaniment to our beautiful nursery grown hedges, as it gives them an extra boost when it comes to settling and developing plants.

Rootgrow contains a mixture of species of UK origin mycorrhizal fungi. It speeds up the functions of root growth, especially in woody roots of trees. Hedges tend to be long lived and woody, so these are perfectly aided by the use of rootgrow.

Pot grown hedging can be slow to establish when replanted in new earth. Rootgrow will help speed up the process of root colonising, and allow better growth and establishment. In the case of bare root hedging, they can often be quite fragile when moved from the nursery to a new garden. Again rootgrow can aid this situation by giving the bareroots extra support, and aiding their adaptation in their new environment.

Bonemeal is a mixture of finely ground animal bones and house waste products, and is used as an organic fertilizer for plants. For years it has been used as a tried and tested method of speeding plant growth and increasing soil quality, and is similarly beneficial when brought alongside any of our extensive plant catalogue.

Below you can find the collection of bonemeal and rootgrow that we currently have in stock. If you have any further questions about any of our products you can find out more by phoning 01580 767247 and speaking to one of our experienced staff members.