Rootballed Hedging

Rootballed Hedging Plants

Rootballed plants are generally large, mature plants, which we grow in our 50 acre nursery in Kent for around seven years. Because they are sold at an older stage they make a fantastic choice for those who want to make an instant impact on their garden project. They also provide a great, and comparatively low cost, choice for the size of plant.

Rootballed hedging is available for purchase during the winter season, between October and April, when the plants are dormant. After growing in our beautiful fields in Kent, tended carefully by our expert team, selected plants are lifted with our specialist Holmac rootballing machine, along with the immediate soil, and wrapped in hessian to protect the roots during transport.

During the first spring after planting, when temperatures rise, some of the evergreen species may show a yellowing and drop some of their leaves while they establish. This is perfectly normal, and they will re-leaf as the new roots grow later in the season. During this period it is essential that your new hedge is kept well watered.

As well as rootballed hedging we sell bare root hedging, pot grown hedge plants and instant hedge units in an unrivalled range of sizes and varieties. Though rootballed plants are too large and heavy to be delivered by our parcel service, they can be delivered on pallets. Although this is a more expensive option for us we are still happy to offer free delivery, provided your order is over £250.  

If you need any further details about our rootballed hedging or have any other questions, contact our experienced sales team on 01580 767247.