Native Hedgerow Mixes

Native Hedgerow Mixes Hedging Plants stock a wide variety of native hedgerow mixes, which enable you to bring a mix of some of the most attractive hedging available into your garden.

When people think of hedging, they rarely think of using native hedgerow, but this often vibrant and diverse range of hedging should not be underestimated. Native hedging is a great way of attracting wildlife into your garden, and is some of the most environmentally friendly types of hedging. For rural looking hedging native hedgerow is perfect. Native hedging plants often have colourful flowers or berries, adding to the overall colour of the garden. These can also provide rural garden projects with the wild aesthetic desired, which can make them a very desirable choice for a number of different projects.

The various deciduous mixes are fairly seasonal and should ideally planted before spring and summer, where their natural food supply will encourage wildlife. Most native hedgerow is suitable for both stock proofing and security hedging (apart from the thornless mix).

Often these kinds of hedgerow look even more effective when part of a diverse range. That is why we stock a wide variety of mixes to suit all tastes and budgets, and to help make it easier to bring gardens to life across the country.

We dispatch our plants from our nursery in Kent, and deliver to properties all over the UK. We have over 1 million plants in stock, which means that you can always find some of the best native hedgerow mixes in season on our website. We have a sliding scale of discounts for all orders, which also means that you can afford to add even more variety to your hedgerow mix.

Take a look below for our available products, or contact us on 01580 767247 and our expert team will answer any questions you have.