Holly Hedging Plants

Holly (Ilex) is an instantly recognisable prickly evergreen shrub or small tree. Though its distinctive red berries and leaves may be associated with winter, Holly makes a fantastic hedging choice that can bring a splash of colour to any garden. We offer a variety of beautiful Holly plant varieties including; Ilex meserveae Blue Princess, Ilex x altaclerensis Golden King, Ilex aquifolium and Ilex aquifolium Argentea Marginata.

Holly’s spiny leaves make it extremely well suited to garden security. The distinctive red berries traditionally appear during the autumn and winter months, and most varieties also develop small white flowers in early spring. Though Holly berries are toxic to humans, wildlife love them. Incorporating a Holly plant into the garden is a very effective way of attracting birds and other wild animals to your garden.

Holly is reasonably slow growing, usually taking between 20-50 years to reach full development. Holly can be planted in direct sunlight and in partial shade, and is also compatible in both acidic and alkaline soil.

It is an extremely hardy species and can adapt to almost any environment, including coastal properties. Our Holly (Ilex) hedging plants are available in a range of sizes as pot grown plants, which may be planted all year round. We work hard to make sure that each of our plants is cultivated with care. We offer batch discounts on all of our plants, so that you can make great savings on bigger orders. Additionally, our discounted pack deals are unbeatable value if you need a lot of plants.

Check out our range of Holly plants below or contact a member of our staff for more details before you make your purchase.

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