Cotoneaster Hedging Plants

Cotoneaster is a genus of plants which is a member of the rose family. This connection is obvious in the plants vibrant flowers, which are just one of the main reasons why Cotoneasters are popular in almost every corner of the globe. Cotoneasters are attractive, dense shrubs which reveal beautiful blooms and berries during the spring and summer months, and are perfect for garden fixtures or natural hedging.

Cotoneasters can add a touch of colour and wilderness to gardens that is very popular with wildlife, including bees and birds. This makes it a great addition for gardeners looking to bring more life to their garden, or who desire a wild boundary to their outdoor space.

Cotoneasters are evergreen or semi-evergreen hedging plants that flower in spring/summer months, and populated by colourful berries in the autumn/winter. In addition to looking great, Cotoneasters are easy to plant too. They can be planted in almost any soil that is well-drained and only need watering during extended dry spells. They are very versatile plants that can fulfil a number of different functions. Whether you want them trained to follow a path up the side of a building or as an attractive garden barrier, Cotoneasters can be a great choice.

At HedgingPlants.com we sell a range of Cotoneaster hedging plants in various sizes and species. Each of our Cotoneasters are grown in our nursery in Kent by our expert team, before they are ready to be shipped to locations all over the country. Whatever your requirements, our sliding discounts, package deals and free delivery on orders over £50 (Exl.Vat) are all in place to help people get the plants that they need for unbeatable value.

We have a range of Cotoneaster plants to suit any needs including Cotoneaster Franchetii, Cotoneaster Lacteus and Cotoneaster Simonsii.

Find our range of Cotoneasters below or call a member of our team on 01580 767247 for more information on any of our plants or services.

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    Cotoneaster Franchetii

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    Cotoneaster Lacteus

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    Cotoneaster Simonsii

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