Tree Stakes

Tree stakes are an efficient method of giving new trees or hedging plants extra support and guided growth. Often used in newly transplanted plants, or as a method of creating uniformity with border hedging, tree stakes are a great choice if you are looking to support any of our hedging plants or to assist in plant growth in the garden.

Tree stakes can be used in a variety of different ways. This can include:

Supporting plants on slopes - If you are planting on a sloped area, using a tree stake angled correctly can help you to achieve your ideal angle of growth for your new plant. This should be secured with a tree tie and positioned so that the tree faces the most common direction of wind for maximum efficiency.

Single stake - Using a single stake is generally enough for most uses. Most commonly, single stakes are used to support bare-root plants. When deciding on size for the stake, try to choose a size which is around one third of the total plant size.

Double stake - If you are planting rootballed hedging or similar plant types, or in an area of strong winds then it may be advisable to use more than one stake to ensure maximum support during the plant's growth. Simply take two or more stakes and secure them to opposite sides of the plant and secure using plant ties.

Securing large trees - If you are not trying to aid the growth but are instead trying to secure and support a much larger tree then instead of conventional stake supports, secure the tree using wire attached to tree stakes positioned around the tree. This process is called guying.

At Hedgingplants.com we provide a wide variety of plants for delivery to locations throughout the country. These can be in various different sizes and shapes and can sometimes greatly benefit from the extra support that tree sticks can provide.  

We provide a number of different size tree sticks so that regardless of the amount and size of the support you require you can find the right product for your needs.

See our range of tree sticks below.