Soaker hose

At Hedgingplants.com we stock soaker hoses in a variety of different lengths for delivery to locations around the UK. Soaker hoses are an excellent garden accessory, especially for supporting new plant growth by offering an efficient way to water plants, with reduced waste.

Soaker hoses comprise of a porous pipe which is made from recyclable tyres. By simply attaching the pipe to a hosepipe or water butt, it allows for water to to flow to nearby plants with minimal run off. This is because the water slowly processes through the hose until the plants absorb it at a rate which is no faster than they can manage.

This can be a fantastic option in new planting schemes where plants need to be watered in order to support establishment, and can also be used in more general practices to water the garden.

Soaker hoses are remarkably easy to setup and use. Simply lay the pipe on the surface of the soil or just underneath the mulch and connect to a hosepipe. Because plants will take water when needed, water pressure does not need to be high.

As we sell a variety of different hedging types, in various different stages of development, soaker hoses can be a fantastic addition to your order. Not only are they a great way of supporting new plants in the garden, especially during early transplant into a new environment, but they can be used consistently with other plants, in order to provide a consistent, non-excessive water source.

We also provide a number of different sized soaker hoses so that whether you require watering for a small or single bed, or are looking to water much larger environments, you can find the right length for the job.

If you have any questions about soaker hoses or their best application, then please contact a member of our team on 01580 767247. See our range below.