Holly Blue (Ilex meservae Blue Princess) is an instantly recognisable prickly evergreen shrub or small tree. The red berries give a splash of colour in any garden in winter. The blue/green leaf colour makes for an interesting variation to the traditional green.

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Use for... a tidy dense hedge or ornamental shrub.

Growth rate... slow to average 15-25cm per year.

Ideal hedge height... Holly Blue (Ilex meservae Blue Princess) is suitable for hedging 90-200cm in height.

Situation & soil... Holly Blue (Ilex meservae Blue Princesswill grow in any reasonable well drained soil and shaded areas. We recommend Rootgrow and Bonemeal when planting to get your new hedge off to a great start.

Plant description... these are 30-50cm high plants in 2 litre pots easy to transport and easy to plant. A typical plant may be seen in the photo above.

Planting distance... we recommend for a Holly Blue (Ilex meservae Blue Princess) hedge 3-4 plants per metre in a single row.

Planting season... these are pot grown so can be planted any time of the year.

Trim in... summer.

Other species to consider... Holly Green (Ilex aquifolium)Holly Silver Variegated (Ilex argentea marginata), Holly Golden Variegated (Ilex x altaclerensis Golden Kingfor variations in leaf colour. 

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